About the Side

Our beginnings, kit, and beasts

Where to Find Us 
If we are not dancing out, then we can be found practising on Thursday evenings from 8:00pm in Swaythling Methodist Church Hall, 286 Burgess Road, SO16 3BE afterwards down the pub.

Our Beginnings and Dances

Founded in 1968 at Southampton Univeristy, Red Stags perform our very own style of Border Morris. Some of our dances are traditional, others are based on research and interpretation of old manuscripts, some are imported from across the pond, the remaining ones are penned and adapted by various members of the side, not always in a pub, on the back of an envelope.


Events and Workshops

We regularly dance at events, such as fetes, festivals, and also run workshops, just look at our calendar to see where we are. If you would like us at your event, let us know.

If you would like to come along, please contact us first in case we are out performing.


The Costume, our "Kit"

After a recent kit revolution we have retired our rainbow-ness and returned to the side's traditional red and black colour-scheme with long swirly rags and yellow flashes. We each have rogue rags, but there are plundered rags in there too!


Fools and Beasts

Last year we were joined by Gruim, our new animal (a Stag, what else?!), Horace having been put out to pasture. This season we have at last acquired a Fool.


Our Music

The music is presently supplied by renaissance recorder, fiddle, squeeze box and assorted percussion but we're open to offers; in the past we've used didgeridoos, electric guitars, and a euphonium!